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usa archery joad

usa archery joad
The Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)
Today's age brings a whole new outlook into technology based fun than it did even twenty years ago. Kids and teens are staying in the house to play the newest online game, try out the newest gaming console and find a way to text faster on their cell phones. Kids and teens do not enjoy outside activities as much as they once did because there are so many better reasons to stay inside and enjoy the fun of technological advancement. We are all slowly watching our world transfer from self-sufficient to computer assisted everything.

This is exactly why the Junior Olympic Archery Development program is so great for kids and teens. It gives parents a way to help their kids get away from video and computer games and get back out there and enjoy what is waiting outside.

The Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a program that is designed to help both children and teens from the age of 6-18, learn the basics and advancement in archery training either for sport or competition.

In the Olympics, Archery became a known competition in the year1900 and was competed for in Paris in 1904, 1908 and 1920 but was dropped until the year 1972 when it was competed for again. During 1961, it was brought to attention that juniors needed to be involved in such an important sport so the National Archery Association of the United States recognized the Junior Olympic Archery Development program as a way to help the youth generation get involved. Through the years, Gold and Silver metals have gone to Olympians who have trained through the JOAD program.

There are many archery centers located all over the United States and there could very well be one in your neck of the woods. Each one has their own rules, procedures and regulations. Sometimes one archery center will only allow age 8-18 enter their program while others allow for age 5-18 to enter. There are different policies when it comes to each center such as renting the needed equipment or the equipment becoming available through payment of the program itself.

Through-out a junior's training they start a low level of training to learn the basics and graduate from there to go on to a beginners level and from there to a intermediate level until they have reached the advanced level. There is training and tests that a junior must complete and pass before they can go onto the next level of training.

The JOAD program helps to motivate kids and teens and gives them something to work for, to accomplish.


usa archery joad

usa archery joad